Terms of service

Every user must read and accept the following rules in order to avoid possible conflicts. The rules are in force from 06/19/2017.


Poprey — Service for adding followers and likes in the Instagram social network.

Instagram — The developing social network.

Services — Adding followers and likes to the Instagram profile.

Order — Filling in the form and payment.

Client — The individual or legal entity that performed the Order.

General rules

  1. The order will not be processed if your Instagram profile is private, has no profile picture and if you sent us an incorrect photo link or username.
  2. If your order has been processed later than usual, but not later than 72 hours, we will not refund you.
  3. We do not make either a full or partial refund if your account is being unfollowed.
  4. The followers may not have their own followers and a completed profile, they might also have strange usernames.
  5. We add 20-40% of the followers to your account in advance to compensate the possible losses.
  6. You can contact us within 30 days from the date of purchase and if the initial additional followers amount is not enough we will add more followers to your account.


  1. When purchasing our services, you undertake to abstain of any disputes to the PayPal system.
  2. When trying to open a dispute, arguing or using another method to return money through a payment system, we will block your access to the site and initiate a lawsuit against you, we also may try to terminate your Instagram profile.
  3. When you are buying our Services, you confirm that you are paying from your PayPal account or credit card.

Return policy

  1. In case your order has not been processed after 72 hours from the date of payment, we will refund you.
  2. If you have a private profile, there is no profile picture and we cannot process the order, you can contact us and get a refund.


  1. You are using our Services only at your own risk, Poprey does not take any responsibility for any harm caused by our services.
  2. We do not give any guarantees related to your business losses in case of using our Services.

By purchasing the Services, you agree to the Terms of Service

By purchasing the Services, you agree to the Terms of Service